We aim to give you the freedom and the flexibility you deserve when choosing your style of training. Flexercise does workouts your way.

Who We Are

Flexercise is an innovative lifestyle business dedicated to making fitness easier and personalized. We believe that you should never be restricted to a single gym or costly contract when it comes to working out the way you want to. Our active membership allows you to access multiple gyms or fitness facilities with training programs that pique your interest.

Enjoy Limitless Workouts

With our membership, you are never restricted to one gym at any time. You can stay up to date with innovative training programs in your city and attend your preferred class or sports sessions as often as you like. Achieve your performance potential, overcome plateaus, and creating exciting scheduled workouts when you choose Flexercise.

Create Your Own Fitness Schedule

Now you can book classes as you see fit with one rate. We offer two subscriptions with flexible plans making it easier and efficient to organize your workouts. With our app, you can manage your training, manage your expenses, and manage your lifestyle.

Our Mission

We aim to help you create a healthy lifestyle with the full freedom of choice in workouts and in sports. We are committed to fitness and believe that you should never be restricted when choosing a training planning or style of sports to suit your wellness goals. You create a workout plan with a subscription that is most complimentary of your training needs and interests.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to offer a wide selection of sports and wellness options to our customers across the Netherlands. We aim to become the leading providers of exercise and sports innovation, helping create a dedicated community of fitness enthusiasts. We further hope to partner with top gyms and competitive sporting facilities to assist our customers with access to diversified workouts and plans done your way.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Flexcercise?

Flexercise is a company dedicated to make working out convenient, efficient, and ensure customers are provided the choice in where and when they workout.

Is the Flexercise App Compatible on All Devices?

Flexercise app can be installed on your mobile or handheld device. It is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems.

What is the Membership Process?

To become a Flexercise member, all you need to do is register, download the App and follow the prompts to create your membership. You will choose between two subscriptions, and after that, you can enjoy the freedom in training and sports, only we can deliver.

What are Your Subscriptions?

We offer two subscriptions, including our Standard and our Premium plans. Please visit our Products Page for more information.

Where Can I Workout Once I signed up?

Once you have successfully created your membership, and chosen a subscription, you can choose among many of the very best gyms and training facilities in Maastricht.

Does Flexercise Work Internationally?

Flexercise is currently offered to clients in the Netherlands only.

Why Choose Flexercise?

Flexercise has been created by a dedicated team who believe in a healthy lifestyle that is engaging, exciting, and involves freedom of choice. As innovators in mainstream fitness, we have developed sporting subscription which is easy to use and allows one the convenience of different exercises and various facilities with one membership. We believe in making exercise accessible and fun for all who wish to invest in their fitness and performance goals.

Is Your App Secure?

Yes, Flexercise is a secure application that is easily downloaded to your mobile or PC.

How Do I Schedule a Workout?

To book your next training session, you must have a membership, and chosen a subscription. You will then have the option to search for upcoming sports events and training programs offered by location. Choose the lesson you are interested in and select a day and time to join the session. You will have to make your reservation in advance to ensure availability. Be sure to check on the times, location and the dates for your next training session before securing your reservation.

What if I Cannot Make a Booking?

If you are not able to make a booking, please be sure to cancel on time. Depending on the location you can cancel up to 24 hours upfront. If you do not cancel on time your credit will expire as a late cancel fee.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

We allow you to cancel your subscription at the end of each month. We also offer the opportunity to pause your subscription. If, for whatever reason, you need to end your membership with us, you can cancel without suffering penalties and fees provided it is at the end of the month.

How Long Does a Subscription Last?

A subscription can last a lifetime, depending on which membership you choose. You can cancel on a month to month basis. We offer two subscriptions depending on your activity needs and interests.

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