Working out is a lifestyle; we get this. With Flexercise, you never have to limit your training because of a commitment to one gym. Our flexible and easy to use membership allows you to train at a gym of your choosing any day and any time. Never miss out on your favorite exercises and gyms when you become a Flexercise member.

A Gym Membership to Suit an Active Lifestyle

Whether the latest Yoga class to boot camps and mixed martial arts, stay ahead of the fitness curve when you join Flexercise. Using our membership, you never have to sign up at multiple gyms to perform a specific style of training. Now, you can easily try new workouts at your convenience and right at your fingertips!


The Flexercise app is so easy to use, you can create your membership today and start accessing the top gyms and fitness studios across multiple locations. Train the way you want to, without limitations.

No Obligations

You do not have to bind yourself to a year-long contract or costly gym fees to get the training you want. Flexercise offers a flexible membership plan that caters to your exercise needs.

How Flexercise Works

Finding the very best training programs in your city has never been this easy. Schedule your next workout session or locate a unique gym all by using one impressive app!

Flexible Membership

Determine when, where, and how you will train. Create your membership, download the app and check-in at your preferred choice of the training facility.

Train When and Where You Want

Schedule your workout sessions using the app or desktop and follow your very own fitness regime.

What Flexercise Offers

Flexercise is a desktop and mobile app in which a flexible membership is created, allowing you to find and partake in local exercise plans, classes, and competitive sports programs.

Create Exciting Exercise Plans

From stretching and weight training to Crossfit and karate kicks, change up your workout as you see fit. Keep your training routine exciting, and achieve your goals faster.

With Flexercise You Manage a Single Membership

Do not commit yourself to a limiting contract.

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